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Saporireclusi Association – We speak for the ones who can’T

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Membership – Cultural Association Sapori Reclusi

Sapori Reclusi creates communication, builds connections and speaks for the ones who can’t.

It is a network that informs and ensures the exchange of emotions, knowledge and experiences. Therefore the effects are positive, concrete and real.

Join the Cultural Association and become a member of Sapori reclusi.

Sapori reclusi

Tell us who you are

Are you just a curious person?

You can become a member of Sapori Reclusi. The membership is annual and costs 70 euros. Every year, along with the membership card, members receive a set of books, photos and more.

As a member, you will be kept informed about al, the news and ongoing projects, receive invitations to dinners, exhibitions, events, and, if you wish, actively participate in our activities.

Are you a professional?

Whether you’re a chef, journalist, writer, photographer, if you’re interested in our projects, get it touch with Sapori Reclusi and tell us what you have in mind!

Together, we could create a customized project based on your story, devising an effective communication plan.

Are you a company?

If you are a food company, a farm, a wine producer or a quality-conscious restaurateur concerned about the origin of ingredients, the territory and the people who work, you can become a supporting member.

The annual membership card costs 200 euros. In addition to all the benefits and advantages enjoyed by members, you can showcase your company’s products during Sapori Reclusi dinners, events and partecipate in projects.

Together with Sapori Reclusi

What can we do?

Photographic Exhibition

Currently, Sapori Reclusi has 2 photographic exhibitions about food, chefs and inmates that can be adapted to different spaces and environments.

Davide Dutto is the author of both exhibitions. A photographic journey through some prisons in Piedmont, a reportage on activities carried out together with chefs and inmates.

Arrange a dinner

An engaging way to explain the projects Sapori Reclusi with the customers of your restaurant.

Sapori Reclusi will take care of preparing the essential tools needed for communication i.e. invitations, posters, newsletter, etc., and will give visibility to the event on its website and to all members.

Conduct Workshops

Through collaboration with communication professionals, Sapori Reclusi can assist your organization and shape effective communication projects.

We are available to work with you on events, photography, cooking workshops and customized projects.

Last projects



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It was February 24th 2022, an ordinary day for us, a dramatic day for the Ukrainian population that shook the entire world.

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