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Saporireclusi Association

Saporireclusi Association – We speak for the ones who can’T


R-Women brings together male and female artists striving to transcend stereotypes, narrating the female condition in the daily struggle for self-affirmation.

Free Ukraine

It was February 24th 2022, an ordinary day for us, a dramatic day for the Ukrainian population that shook the entire world.

Face to Face

Face to Face seeks to disrupt this way of observing and understanding others — the strangers we come across, the individuals whose gaze we meet — often instinctively attempting to categorize them in some manner.


The Evasioni project originated in 2012 through three creative writing and testimonial collection workshops. A book that is a dialogue between the inside and the outside, between prison and society.

Pure ’n carcere ‘o sanno fa

The concept originated from a collaboration with the “Caffè Sospeso” network, with the goal of portraying not just life within prison walls but particularly the personal stories of inmates through pictures and text.

The Team

The Team tells the story of a gang and a mysterious plan to put into action. Smily, Tenaglia, la Mente, il Filosofo are some of the protagonist of this tale.

With Human Eyes

A project conceived by Davide Dutto with the participation of Wilson Querin, Angelo Mastrolonardo and Giosuè Munno.

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