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A book that is a dialogue between the inside and the outside, between prison and society.

The Evasioni project originated in 2012 through three creative writing and testimonial collection workshops. These workshops engaged around fifty inmates from both Medium Security and High Security sections at the Rodolfo Morandi Penitentiary in Saluzzo (Cuneo), coordinated by Emanuela Savio.

Prison is an uncomfortable, challenging, rejected reality, yet always of great relevance.

In prison, the desire to tell one’s own story arises from the will to reaffirm one’s existence, not just as a prisoner but as an individual.

To reconnect with others, to delve deeper and to understand, one must begin to attribute to every human being their story, emotions and dreams.


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How could we define Evasioni, the book that emerged from this experience?

Stories to be read, listened to, told and faces to be observed in order to reflect. Paths, comparisons, exchanges. Hours spent together sharing stories, talking about oneself. Difficult stories that take shape and often become positive examples.

Portraits, pictures that encourage the observer to set aside judgment and explore the complexity of individual experiences. Stories of change, of responsibility, underpinned by a strong desire for redemption.

Author: a collective work curated by Emanuela Savio
Photographer: Davide Dutto
Size: 14,8 x 21 cm
Pages: 160

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