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Being a woman involves constantly having to make compromises and reconcile different elements. This has always been the case, all over the world, despite the fact that the debate tends to be limited to issues and places that are far off. This observation, and the meeting that took place in 2015 between the Cultural Association Sapori Reclusi and Azam Bahrami, the Iran-born poet and women’s rights activist, a political refugee in Italy, led to the idea of reviving the debate on the status of women around the world, through the lens of art.

This resulted in a project, “R-Women – donne resistenti”, and a photography exhibition, which is presented in this catalogue and features the work of nine Iranian and Italian artists, both women and men.


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R-Woman Iran

Each photographer agreed to take and donate a body of shots to construct a single narrative comprising different voices.

Each story and each gaze contributes to constructing a collective message, with the aim of offering insight into what it means to be a women in this challenging, complex world.

Each artist, based on his or her artistic background and approach, set out to represent one aspect of women’s lives in the current period.

All the women depicted are Iranian: some live there, while others have emigrated or fled; they are mothers, wives and friends but also prostitutes and soldiers.

All of them are depicted going about their daily lives, in their homes, at work, or pursuing their passions.

The exhibition “RWomen – donne resistenti” pays tribute to the complexity of all human beings, beyond any form of prejudice, and invites us to reflect on this and engage with it.

It is dedicated to all those struggling to find a voice and spaces for self-expression.

R-Women Iran - Associazione culturale - Sapori Reclusi Fossano
The photographers
To tell a story in no more than ten images.

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IBAN R-women Afghanistan:

R-Woman Iran

We believe that, regardless of differences in appearance, religion, skin colour, beliefs, and gender, all people are born free and have the right to live their lives in freedom.

The world is full of injustice and inequality, and those who
perpetrate discrimination, humiliation and oppression violate our natural rights as human beings. Moreover, the inequities and inequalities that women in many countries face are extremely serious; fortunately, there are scores of brave women in many communities who are fighting to uphold their rights, which are often removed quite suddenly and dramatically.

Since the Islamic Revolution in Iran in 1979, various women’s groups have fought tooth and nail for their rights, and women’s achievements in many different fields show that they have never lost hope.

We Iranian photographers have come together to show the life
stories of some of these women, in the hope that our photos, depicting their everyday personal and social existence, offer a window into the active lives and outstanding presence of women in all fields: political, economic, social and personal.

Our works convey a personal, truthful, authentic vision of all aspects of our reality, and an accurate portrayal of everything that the mainstream media and state-owned enterprises do not want the rest of the world to see.

Babak Bordbar, Mahdieh Mirhabibi, Afshin Usefi, Maryam Majd, Sajad Arvand, Azin Haghighi, Shiva Khoda Bakhsh, Raha Askarizadeh, Davide Dutto

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