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Sapori Reclusi Association – We speak for the ones who can’t

Our History


Sapori Reclusi is a cultural association, born in 2010, stemming from the twenty-year experience of professional photographer Davide Dutto. He was able to merge two of his passions: food and photography, intertwining them with his social expertise.

Starting from the common human need for nourishment, the association aims to bring together men and women, who live hidden from the eyes of most, with the rest of society. The foundation of this unity is build on shared humanity, common needs, desires and problems.


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Our goals

Communication is the ultimate goal for Sapori Reclusi.

Sapori Reclusi is looking for stories of lives lived on the edge, without the need for exaggeration. Genuine and raw tales of individuals experiencing life in its entirety, making extreme choices that unfold in the intimacy and routine of everyday existence.

Sapori Reclusi sees food as a means to enter spaces where there are often physical or mental barriers, closed doors — namely, into the intimacy of people. The goal is to listen and understand them beyond stereotypes and preconceptions.

Communication remains the true goal because, despite this being the century of technology and communication, we believe that the real exchange of words, stories and ideas often falls short.

Communication equals listening and understanding others, but, sometimes, the means to make one heard are not accessible to everyone. Facilitating this process is what members of Sapori reclusi commit to doing, using different methods with the ultimate goal of connecting otherwise hidden elements of society.


Over the years, the cultural Association Sapori reclusi has conceived and executed several projects, organized gatherings and conducted various activities. Explore them with a click and connect with Sapori Relcusi’s world.

Our mission

Sapori Reclusi: we speak for the ones who can’t.

The association’s purpose is the research and documentation of secluded and hidden realities, followed by the dissemination and communication of these experiences. The ultimate goal is to promote education in active and conscious citizenship through engagement with distant realities. Based on these objectives, the Association aims to give a voice to hidden realities though events and cultural manifestations.

What we do

SAPORI RECLUSI: we are engaged on multiple fronts.

Since 2010, Sapori Reclusi has been committed on multiple fronts to communicate and raise awareness, fostering connection inside and outside, through:

  • Book presentations (such as “Evasioni,” “Il Gambero Nero,” “Passioni – Sogni di massima sicurezza”);
  • Photography exhibitions (“From Il Gambero Nero to Sapori Reclusi,” “R-Women – Being women in a complex world,” “Face To Face – Art Against Prejudice”);
  • Screening of short films shot in prison (The Squad);
  • Organization of events (starred dinners like “Più sere meno sbarre” – Saluzzo);
  • humanitarian aid and hospitality initiatives (Free Ukraine).

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