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The Team

The Team

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The Team

A short film that doesn’t talk about prison, but still evokes its essence…

The Team tells the story of a gang and a mysterious plan to put into action.
Smily, Tenaglia, la Mente, il Filosofo are some of the protagonist of this tale.

They have an important appointment that makes them a bit tense, where each one must fulfill their role for a common goal. But what is it?

With this project, prejudice and appearance, which can influence our interactions and contribute to social division, are brought “under the spotlight”.

Indeed, without any doubt, the audience thinks that the gang is planning a robbery.

And yet, when the camera shows us the characters in their entirety, it turns out to be a soccer match.


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The Team

Like a kick against prejudice.

The short film was shot inside the “Santa Caterina” correctional facility in Fossano, thanks to the collaboration with director Davide Sordella and the “011 films” production house. It involved a group of inmates who actively participated both as actors and technicians for the shooting.

The short film was presented on October 30th, XXXX, to commemorate the anniversary of the first abolition of the death penalty within a country.

The original abolition happened in the Grand Duchy of Tuscany, in 1786.

Box: “Together, each in their own role, we are a team. And the basis of a team is loyalty…”

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