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Resistant women

Being a woman often means having to be adaptable.

Being a woman in a country wracked by years of war and constant socio-cultural upheaval makes adaptation inevitable. These very women, who are the heart of the family and the hub of the community, are often relegated to the margins of their own society.

To lend them dignity and a voice, the association Sapori Reclusi is presenting a new project, R-Women Afghanistan, which throws the focus on women once more, using art to shine a light on hidden and painful truths, and raise awareness of the plight of women in contemporary society.

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R-Woman Afghanistan

The R-Women project takes us to Afghanistan, showing how Afghan women have lived over the past 30 years in a series of photographs that reveal how the situation developed, then regressed.

The association Sapori Reclusi wants to let people to tell their own stories, without bias or mediation, presenting a project that centres around a touring photography exhibition.

R-Women Afghanistan sets out to illustrate the changes that have taken place in Afghan society in recent years, with a series of reportage photographs and works by international artists that show Afghan women going about their daily lives. The changing scenarios portrayed reflect the freedom gained and lost in recent decades, up to the most recent images, which show that there is every reason to be extremely concerned about what the future may bring.

The project, an eyewitness account of developments in the country, will be presented in Italy and around Europe; to ensure this key awareness-raising project reaches as many people as possible we will be organizing debates with activists, and hosting cultural events dedicated to exploring Arab culture.

There will also be events in schools to bring the direct experiences of these women to young people, in order to highlight the fundamental importance of individual freedoms, gender equality, and ensuring that democratic governments recognise the rights of all women.

The aim of the project is to raise awareness of the value of active, engaged citizenship, by enabling people to come into contact with a distant reality: illustrating the importance of women’s empowerment by calling attention to the plight of women whose rights are denied.

What is it like to be a woman in Afghanistan?

It depends on where you are, if you live in a big, touristy city or a remote village controlled by the Taliban. It depends on what year it is, whether the Americans are controlling much of the country, or whether the Talibans have recaptured Kabul.


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The photography exhibition

The touring photography exhibition
R-Women Afghanistan explores women’s lives during the socio-cultural upheavals that have affected the Afghan people.

The exhibition will be curated by the photographers Davide Dutto, president of the association Sapori Reclusi, and Manoocher Deghati, who worked in Kabul for many years, and has helped train some of the world’s most talented photojournalists.

The show will feature the work of internationally renowned photographers, some Afghans, some Afghan exiles, some Afghan women in exile, some Iranians, and an Italian, all of whom want to
use their art to bear witness to social marginalization, discrimination and injustice.

The exhibition presents around seventy 35x50cm fine art images mounted in white box frames.

Each photographer’s works will be accompanied with a presentation of their project, both analogue and digital.

Each photographer gives a personal narrative perspective on the reality of Afghan women’s lives. The participation of female Afghan photojournalists, all of whom are women’s rights activists, offers an authentic, unfiltered view of the current situation.

The exhibition aims to celebrate the power of images and story-telling when it comes to raising awareness of key social issues, in the ongoing struggle for gender equality.

The aim is for it to be seen by as many visitors as possible, and be as accessible as possible, using technology to overcome any sensory, cultural or language barriers.

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