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With Human Eyes

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With Human Eyes

A project conceived by Davide Dutto with the participation of Wilson Querin, Angelo Mastrolonardo and Giosuè Munno.

During this pandemic period in Turin, a spontaneous message of solidarity has arisen, championed by the food service sector (one of the industries hardest hit by the Covid-19 crisis) and perhaps unique throughout Italy. The initiative is entitled Cucine Solidali (Solidarity Kitchens).

During the first lockdown, Andrea Chiuni, the coordinator of Solidarity Kitchens, met with Davide Dutto, a photographer, to request a photographic documentation of that impactful moment of sharing and giving. After some thought, Davide Dutto suggested telling, in an alternative and straightforward manner, the quieter narrative of what is happening in the restaurant scene in Turin.

And thus, With Human Eyes was born, a photographic and video animation project.


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From the donor to the transporter, all the way to the recipient – volunteers from Croce Verde, chefs, friars, Centro Torinese di Solidarietà (Solidarity Centre in Turin), the Leonardo Onlus Sant’Egidio project, homeless individuals, or those in need of a meal are captured in close-up shots wearing masks. Their gaze is emphasized as an expression of humanity and active engagement, creating a unified, powerful collage of expressions.

The identity of the individuals is never explicitly revealed, but alongside the images, a second graphical manifesto, crafted by Giosuè Munno, displays the names of all those involved, forming a large face. This face symbolizes the essence of Turin’s restaurant community and the Solidarity Kitchens movement. The chain of solidarity that emerged is so vast and generous that the photographic project aims to shine a spotlight on this collective energy. It’s to inspire other cities to learn and draw inspiration for similar initiatives.

I wanna testify through the captured shots what has been done and what’s still happening in the city during the pandemic. I want to tell the story of how Turin’s restaurant scene came together during the crisis and is now ready to write a new chapter in its history. It’s about looking beyond local divides and working towards a shared future that benefits everyone, including the city itself”, comments Davide Dutto.

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Animated Video

The animated video extends the photographic project. It starts with fading images of the subjects’ faces, almost merging into one another, which then graphically transforms into two key characters: the chef and the homeless person. The narrative of the animated video, crafted by Wilson Querin and Angelo Mastrolonardo, depicts a fantastical story within the soul of Turin’s restaurant scene. 
It illustrates how this spontaneous energy projects into the future, potentially leading to real change in the industry. It’s not just about food for sustenance anymore…it’s food for growth. The hope of the With Human Eyes project, coupled with Turin’s Solidarity Kitchens movements, is to envision the city as a grand restaurant, nourishing, storytelling, giving, receiving and ultimately uniting by exchanging food for culture.

Helping others even when you’re in difficulty becomes the right path towards rebirth and reconstruction after any catastrophe.

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